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Front Suspension

Took the hoopty to the dealer this morning after hearing a kloncking noise from the front right side of the car. I had a feeling it was suspension stuff.

He said I need Lower Control Arms Bushings, Sway Bar Links and two Motor Mounts.

I have some questions please.

1. Is the part number L2040-55978 for Control Arm Bushing Kit on FastLane is what I need?
2. Sway Bar Link, I will need both front ones, right?
3. How many motor mounts does the car have and are they all the same? Only one shows on FastLane.
4. What else should I consider looking at or getting for this Job, hardware that might brake? bolts? Nuts?

And I would think the Car would need a good 4-wheel alignment once done.

I appreciate all the help, Thanks
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