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Tirerack doesn't have it (for some strange reason). Mine were stock 185/65/R15. They are called P3000 Cinturato (do a search on the web and you'll find this tire). Got them at Meullers. Theyh are relatively newer in the Pirelli line-up - I got them 18 months ago. very good wet traction, 620 treadwear rating, 85K mile warranty - I doubt if they'll go till 85K! but I hope to get at least 50K out of it, with some tread remaining - I don't let my tires go totally bald - change them when they have 5-6K remaining. CHeap insurance against skidding. One of my friends bought is for his Honda - is happy after about 8K on it. And no, I don't work for Pirelli - am just letting you know my experience, if it helps!!!!
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