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SP5000's are about double the price of D60 A2's and according to Luke at Tirerack, it's their top rated all season performance tire. It is actually rated M+S and supposedly has good traction in snow. I've had the D60 A2's and they are ok in the wet & snow but not in the same class as the SP5000's. If you are going to get more than 30k on your SP5's, that's the first set I've heard of so far to do so. BTW I had a Passat too (V6) and never rotated my tires after 10k and got to 35k no problem. For some reason that car isn't hard on the driven wheel's tires.

I always ran into quality issues with Pirelli's. The sidewalls crack after some time and I don't know if they ever fixed that problem. They used to be the premier performance tires but other manufacturers have caught up.
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