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check your viewing angles from the driver's seat, the large, squarish mirror allows the driver to see both close (bottom of the mirror) and far away (top) objects because of its increased height. Now, the drivers side mirror is much closer and at a steeper angle to the driver, so it is long to allow you to view close to the car (near the driver) and far away (far edge of the mirror). You see... mercedes did think of almost everything. I don't know why they didn't continue this design, as I think it makes for the best rear viewing area of any car. And about the automatic adjust on the right side only, the car is after all teutonic... and so it just has to be efficient, so why waste money on an electric motor for a lever a foot away from the driver? It might break, and that will just lead to more expensive repairs. Leave the driver's side mirror manual cause he doesn't have to strain to get to it, and the passenger side has to be automatic because it would be uncivilized for someone to have to reach over and repeatedly have try to adjust his mirror....
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