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C-class lower body different 97-98?

I've noticed that the lower body work changed on the C-class between '97 and '98. The '97, which I own, has a relatively small black plastic area at the very bottom of the side skirts, and bumpers all the way around the car. I've noticed that the '98 is body-colored and styled differently, but it still appears to be a seperate piece.

My question is, would it be possible, if I were to find a suitable donor car(s) that has been wrecked or for whatever reason rendered inoperable, to remove those lower panels and install them on my '97 for an updated look? Are the bumpers and side skirts different than the '97 entirely, or is it just the piece at the bottom? I've never dealt with buying parts from a junkyard before, any guesses on how much they would charge? Also, how would I go about removing those panels?

I see '98+ cars around town and can't help but notice how much better that small update makes them look.

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