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Angry S500 A/C leaking? please help..

The A/C just went out last week, and had shop to refill freon(green color), 5 days later the A/C is gone already. Just bought the R134a kit to refill by myself last night, after a whole day driving with A/C on, found out there is a "green" color liquid on my parking space. I went to shop and had car jackup, by looking underneath, the "green" stuff is leaking from a hose which is located on the top of the transmission pan area. what is possibily happen??
by the way, after first time the shop refill R134a freon, when I turn the A/C on, I could always smell something strange from insde of car. so when I found out the "green" stuff, I actually smell it, it smells the same as what I smell in the car when A/C is on.

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