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More Power with a Diesel...

....a few years ago some guys here in Germany prepared a 240 D 3.0 (should be you W 115 300 D) for the 24 hours Cup at the Nürburgring for historic touring cars (you usually meet Alfas, Ford Cortinas, old BMW and alike)

They got about 125 hp out of the old fivecylinder. Off course the polished the head, increased fuel flow at the pump and alike.

The mayor increase in hp came by lowering the compression ratio so that the engine didn't need so much power for compression.

That this engine would start after a cold winter night is the other story ;-)

Regarding the speedometer:

Here in Germany you find the kilometer-markers at the Autobahn.

I did set the cruise control on 100 km/h straight and count the time for 10 km: 6 minutes, 22 seconds.

After some rough calculation I set the cruise on 107 km/h for the next 10 km: 5 minutes, 59 seconds.

Viola, thats how I know that my speedo ads 7 %

On a dark night with no traffic I will try the same with 100 mph ;-)

Kind regards
(having the 3.07 rear axle instead the 3.58 in his W 123 230 E)
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