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Stevebfl -- I'm sorry that I'm not following 100%. I've only had my Benz for 6 months and I am learning as quickly as possible. I hope you aren't frustrated with my inquiries. It seems that you are, or you are implying that I am not listening. Realize, you know this stuff like the back of your hand -- that is the very reason WHY I am asking....I don't know it.

Now, I do believe I follow on this: Somehow, I have the power seat diode that is failing, and therefore allowing current to flow the wrong way. (are you speaking of diagram 138/3? I found the diode in the power seat diagram on the 15R circuit). Problem is, I can find it on the diagram but that does not mean I can find it and fix it on the car.

I haven't found anything on the car, or in the diagrams, that refers to diode V1. You state that the diode "will connect fuse #9 which is hot all the time to fuse 2 which is connected to fuse 1 and that should only be hot with the key on. " Is this apparent when looking at the 9, 2 and 1 fuses from the top? Surely not, I see nothing. From reading savagetom's comments it appears that I must find it somewhere under the fusebox. If I will find more than one, which one am I looking for?

If you can give me directions as to how to find it, remove it, and test it, I would surely appreciate it.

Sorry to be so hardheaded on this issue (however, if you want to discuss the standard deviation vs. benchmark, considering beta, alpha and sharpe ratios on open-ended mutual funds -- I'm your man. Everyone has their field of expertise -- this wiring is not mine.),


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