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If your actuator is making that much noise, it probably needs to be replaced. Also, a bad actuator can fry the amp, so you'll probably be replacing that as well.

I'm not sure on the 201, but for all the other I've seen, you'll have to become a contortionist to get at the amp. It is up in the dash, you'll have to pull the lower panel (driver's side) to gain access. The amp is a fairly large silver box about 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide and will be bolted to the brake pedal pedistal. There are two electrical connections, one directly to the amp, the other to the small relay on the side of the amp. Don't separate the relay from the amp under the dash, bring them out as a set.

The amp is bolted to the pedistal with a single 10mm nut. It appears the nut is on a stub, but it really is a bolt which sits in a hexagonal recess and you will most likely knock it out of the recess unpon installing the replacement. A real PITA to get the bolt back in AND hold in place while getting the amp on the bolt. But it can be done.

Once you remove that 10mm nut, the amp should come straight down and out from under the dash.

Hope this helps.
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