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Well, I got it fixed today, although my daughter is grounded and may not be able to enjoy the a/c for awhile.

The bolt had made it at an angle and one of the mount bolts was loose.

I took the manifold loose swung it out of the way, took the bolt to the hardware store and got a tap the same size. I ran the tap in carefully at a right angle, covered everything and blew out the chips with compressed air.

I held the manifold down while starting the bolt carefully. This was while the line retaining bolts were all removed. There is one at the bottom of the compressor that was missing, so another trip to town got the right bolt and nut to put all that in place. Then I put the 10mm retaining bolt in place above the outboard line. I pumped it down and gross leak checked, there was no leak. I charged it and it is working great.

Thanks for your help and replies,
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