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it's all been said, almost

Fuel ecomony has been touched on. The pushrod engines do have a hard time meeting the ever tightening fuel economy standards.

Reliability has been touched on. Mercedes engines might well be some of the greatest, but only when properly maintained. That means replacing the oilers, the timing chain, it's tensioner and it's guides at stated maintenance intervals. Correct oil and coolant as well as change intervals are necessary. All that means a different attitude and wallet thickness when compared to an old Olds rocket 350 bolted into a Cutlass (my wife's college car way back when).

Simplicity has been shown to favor the pushrod engine (though the wankle beats them by a mile). One odd benefit is that they run "just great", or so the PO always says, even when they need a headgasket, new lifters and have a couple of flat spots on the cam.

Give me an old straight 6 pulling a ton of steel, wood and leather while the stereo's playing and I'll drive anywhere. Of course, I'll take air suspension and a v8 if its available.

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