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Originally Posted by Strife View Post
I have a Europa II in one car and I had Becker refurbish a Mexico for my other car - the tape player sounds as good as cassette players did in the
70's (awful - and won't play dolby, metal, etc properly) - but I just wanted it fixed right. Neither of these are "period-correct" for my cars but IMO neither is a an all-analog gauged 380 or 560SL with a digital (and crappy, at that) radio display, like the radios that they came with.

Becker wasn't quite as speedy as they claimed to be in turn-around, but the price was very fair and they did good work.

I have a custom iPod input on the Europa II, with a very small motorcycle amp under the rear deck. The Mexico, I'm still debating on how best to do this.
I think the Becker Mexico is the closest 'period-correct' cassette radio you will find for an early '70s Mercedes.

There was another early '70s option for those that wanted a cassette player in their Mercedes - Becker offered an optional remote cassette player that could be mounted under the dash or in the glovebox. Electrical connection was very simple - via a harness that plugged into the DIN socket on the back of the Europa stereo radio.
Back in the early '80s, I actually purchased on of these Becker cassette decks, new from a local Mercedes dealer for $85, but unfortunately it was defective so I had to return it.

In the mid '70s, there used to be a Blaupunkt radio dealer at one of the local malls and they also offered an optional separate cassette deck for use with their German-built stereo radios. If I recall it was nearly $200
At that time Blaupunkt was just starting to sell a line of cheaper Japanese radios, but if you insisted on a German Blaupunkt cassette-radio, those cost around $400 - nearly twice as much as a comparable Japanese Blaupunkt.

Happy Motoring, Mark
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