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Originally Posted by MercFan View Post
You mean the two hoses under the tank?! They appear fairly aged but not destroyed - guess I could replace them. I need to put in Viton-lined lines anyway and maybe event clean out my tank. Some more questions related to that:

1) How difficult is it to clean the tank and then to purge the fuel lines of all the air?! I've seen a DIY article on it but never done it...

2) What size of hose clamps do I need for connecting the 5/16 ID fuel lines to the steel lines (both in the engine compartment and under the tank in the rear)?!

Thx in advance -
Its not a big deal to purge the air from the lines....if you leave them disconnected up front when you fill the tank, gravity will fill most of the lines as you add fuel. Then the last little bit can be purged out with the primer pump. When we re-did all the lines on one of our cars, I pumped the primer about 60-70 times and it was good to go. It sounds like a lot, but thats 2-3 pumps per second for only a half a minute or so.
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