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need some help with my 190e 16v


okay, what's this? just as i was pulling into my apartment, my engine stalled. i tried to start it back up and it would crank but it didn't fire up. i have had this car for the last 30,000 miles and it has never stalled or failed to start. i let it sit a while and tried again, still wouldn't start. next i tried to start it while tapping the throttle a few times while it cranked. with some hesitation it started and everything runs fine. i drove it around and shut if off and started it again without any problem. i have noticed that my fuel pump makes a lot of noise. tonight it wasn't making any more noise than before, but it is rather loud. it makes a hissing. do i need a new fuel pump? is the infamous fuel pump relay my problem? any help will be greatly appreciated.

also, take a look at the attached pic. this part fell off my car friday while i was driving about 60mph. i think it came from my car anyway. i was driving and i felt it hit the floorboard, then saw it in my mirror bouncing down the road after me? does anyone know what it is? is it important?
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86' 190e 2.3L 16v
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