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Monark was making diesel injectors when Bosch only did electrical parts. I cannot speak for Bosio but Monark supplies IPs for ships, buses, construction equipment and generators.

Originally Posted by Alastair View Post
They are NOT O.E.M.

These makes are never used by Mercedes-Benz or any other vehicle-maker to my knowledge.--They are 'after-market' makes.

There are literally dozens of nozzle-makers supplying the repair sector, some are OK ish, some are downright crap. There are even rip-off Fake Bosch/Delphi nozzles around prolly made in China too, and are reasonably easy to spot.....

Vehicle makers buy the entire injection-system for each vehicle from Injection Equipment Makers like Bosch, Stanadyne, Diesel-Kiki Delphi, Lucas etc.
It would make No Sense for them to buy a pump from Bosch and an Injector Nozzle from monarch when Bosch worked with the vehicle-maker to devise/design the entire system for that particular application, and have designed suitable nozzle for That engine/car/trans combo-

-Who EVER heard of a Bosio or Monarch Injection-Pump on a vehicle!!.

I tried some spurious made nozzles,--more than once over the years--might even have been bosio--They were defo Italian, That I DO remember--They were crap, and I slung them back to the suppliers, and paid a little extra for a Proper make (Bosch).....

Never again. (I keep saying that, But it'll be a year or two before I try them again, as they are Just SO Cheap!...)
Always a Proper Make nozzle, Cant go wrong then, You Know its Correct and OEM.--IF its good enough for Mercedes-Benz, then its good enough for me

Especially considering its a fair bit of work to install them and set pressures correctly--You DONT want to do it twice!

Look at the various posts over the years concerning bosio nozzles lasting only a few thousand-miles before giving faults....

Anyway, This thread was looking at the Types and NOT the Makes of nozzle that have been used....
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