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Originally Posted by Alastair View Post
As post heading says...

Interested in those used in OM.617 and 602/3 series engines...

Not interested in Make (Which in a perfect-world is irrelevant), Only the Type Numbers...

Personally I have used/tested the following an N/A OM.617-

DN O SD 1510
DN O SD 220
DN O SD 240 and /A
DN O SD 261
DN O SD 265

RDN 12 SDC 6862C (Lucas/Delphi)

Latest is-

DN O SD 327 (Bosch) Equiv- RDN O SDC 6863C. (Delphi)--Looking good so far...

Plan to test-


And some custom-specials made in Germany when I can afford them...

I only ever use BOSCH or DELPHI types, and not any of the micky-mouse boso monach types available etc, as there are just TOO MANY Variables and counterfeit types round
The 1510, 314 and 327 are NOT interchangeable for the 617 engine and will damage pre chambers and/or pistons. HOWEVER, it has not stopped some folks I've talked to from using them.
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