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Originally Posted by Alastair View Post
C Sean Watts--

I believe you are mis-informed concerning Bosch and fuel-injection....

It was Bosch who developed the very First Injection Pump And Injector that was fitted to the engine during development at the MAN works and designed by One, Rudolph Diesel. They then went on to supply fuel systems continuously from that point (Source, Robert-Bosch Website....).....

Also, Fitting a NON standard Pintle-Nozzle will NOT destroy a Pre-Chamber or engine component. However a Direct-Injection engine with 'Hole' type nozzles can be completely wrecked by the mis-use of an incorrect type nozzle...

The differences in Pintle design affect the torque, the Power and Economy and Emissions only. They are tailored to each engine, and the maker dictates the power et-al for his motors....

BTW, the 1510 was fitted to the OM615 for certain applications, and the 314 to some 605 and 606 engines for 'quiet-operation'--Mercedes words, not mine....

The 327 however was only ever fitted to a 1.4 Citroen AX as far as I can tell--No matter, They work pretty well, Very good low-down torque in comparison to the 240/ and getting very quiet now they are settling in
I read, write and speak German and I learned the time line at the Automotive museum in Zwickau. Like I said, no data will stop a home brew engineer from doing what he/she wants to do....

The photo is not mine, it was uploaded by another forum member (full credit to the owner.) A poorly spraying nozzle did this. This can also happen if a nozzle pattern is not properly matched to a prechamber it sprays into.
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