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Help Please! 450sel distributor RE-assembly

O.K., here's the lowdown...
I've just picked up this Benz for $400. The owner died and the car sat for years, and now nobody could figure out why it wouldn't run right.
Turns out the distributor was the problem. I took it apart, cleaned the rust off the cam lobes and freed up the centrifugal advance, now the advance is free and smooth. All I have to do now is put it back together and (maybe) vrrrooom...
But nothing I have shows the proper orientation for the rotor shaft in relation to the lower shaft. Yes, I should have put witness marks on the parts before disassembly, but I was actually surprised the thing came apart anyway...
I'm guessing that, since the EFI is regulated by the trigger points below and the ignition timing by the rotor above, putting the thing back together in the right direction is going to be very important.
So, anyone out there - - which way do I put this thing back together? Thanks for the help,
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