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Originally posted by KyAl1013
Also, was the problematic wiring harness on the M104 fixed by 1997?

As to the durability of the 722.6, it seems that if your transmission can make it past the first 50-80,000 kilometers, then it's going to be fine. There are some instances of catastrophic failure of these units, and it usually occurs early.

I know a few C230/280 owners with over 300,000 kilometers with no tranny problems whatsover. Also, the 722.6 was introduced on the R129 SL and the W140 S-Class earlier. It was also an option in some European markets on pre 1995 cars. There is ancedotal evidence that the five speed is holding up well there.

As to five speed auto-box durability, there seems to be some problems regardless of make. Acura and Lexus have had many problems, and Lexus seems unable to solve theirs.

And welcome fellow W210 owner. My E-Class is a diesel, but I do enjoy having the five speeds with the torquey engine.
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