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Early yesterday morning my beloved baby an '83 300D was stolen right out of my driveway.

The car was recovered within a couple of hours. The concerns I have are this:

1.) Since the motor was cold and I use 20W-50 (I live in FL.) I am concerned that these idiots most likely floored the poor thing right off the bat, and most likely drove the hell out of it until they ditched it behind a church (God should've struck 'em dead right there!) The car was found with the trans. selector left in "S".
What kind of damage could have been done to the motor, and the tranny?
Upon opening the hood and examining the engine I did notice that it looked like some oil tried to escape out of the oilcap. I drove the car today and everything seems fine, but I am still worried. (The idiots drove the car approx. 40 miles)
2.) While driving the car, I noticed that the steering wheel is now "off-center" ie. its cocked towards the right, while driving straight. Are there any particular linkages or suspension parts that are susceptible to moronic driving?
3.) And lastly what kind of an idiot would want to steal a 16 year old Diesel??? Certainly not for a fast get-away, and not for its stealthyness either. (the sherrif thinks it was used to commit burglaries in the area) Didn't they notice the word "diesel" after the word "turbo"??
Sorry for the vent, and thanks for any input, it is greatly appreciated!

'83 300D