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Originally Posted by C Sean Watts View Post
UNTIL the prechamber looks like the one in the photo, even if it's brand new and spraying exactly like it should.

I didn't make that up nor did I learn it from a DIYer. When engineers at companies who design and manufacture them say, "X is good, Y we never tested and Z should not be done at all..." I'll put my faith in it.
And, did you hear this From a Nozzle Designer, and referring Specifically to Pintle type DN.SD... types??

Over the years, Ive tried all sorts, and never had any damage at all. Believe me, I WILL tell you IF I ever suffer any pre-chamber/etc. damage from my experiments....

Currently, my 300D is using the more delicate (read crap...) old 'loop' type glow-plugs. These would be the first items to show damage due to their low mass in comparison to the 'ball' and chamber itself...

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