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Originally Posted by ForcedInduction View Post
Mercedes prechambers are unlike almost everything else. The ball does most of the atomization in these, others are an open swirl chamber. Those nozzles will run but the spray pattern will be way off.

So, in your case, the DN O SD 265 nozzles you are currently using in your 617 are not suitable--IF we take your statement as fact.

The 265 was never issued in any 617, however, the 261 was used in the 617 in the M.B. 4X4.....

the 265 was used in later Angled Injector 602/3 types with Offset-ball--Therefore the '--spray-pattern will be way off--' when used with the straight non-angled injector chamber and central ball of your 617....

But, Dont worry, You'll be quite safe, providing they are in good working condition --which I'm sure they are--I belie3ve you have found them very successful....

With regards these nozzle-types. The ones commonly found in the 617 etc, were designed well over 30 years ago...

There have been many more newer types designed with economy and power since.
All I'm trying to do is find a more efficient one of later design....

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