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Originally Posted by C Sean Watts View Post
Monark was making diesel injectors when Bosch only did electrical parts. I cannot speak for Bosio but Monark supplies IPs for ships, buses, construction equipment and generators.

The following is a quote from Monark Website....

MonarkDiesel GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Hamburg in 1951. We specialise in precision-made injection equipment and have been supplying several leading car and engine manufacturers for many decades. To meet the requirements of our customers and the market, our product range will be continually updated and extended.
Today MD is a modern enterprise which does the customer a service with qualified and experienced employees.

At LEAST 10 years earlier, during WWII, Bosch made the fuel injection-pumps for Messershmidt ME 109 and others and they looks suspiciously similar to the PES types we all know and love....

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