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1. I’m assigned in the UK right now and when I ask the same questions most people tell me to go the breakers see this post: In the UK

2. Being close to Manchester you should have a lot of places to choose from.

3. As for features I’m not sure in the UK, in the US you never see a “strip down” Mercedes everything is much standard equipment I was shock when I saw window winders and no sun roof when I came over here.

4. Oh one last thing I know you already ordered the wings, but if you plan to keep the value of you car see if you can have it repaired go to the “panel beaters” in the US I know it will cost a little more and hard to find anyone who will do it because now a days it’s less expensive to replace then repair I don’t know how it is in the UK. But if you have the original part, your VIN # is on it (look on top to the sides of both original paneling) and that what keeps the value of the car, sometimes it stop further investigations if the car was ever in any accidents.

5. Replace rather then repair works on computer boards but on your car paneling it’s a different concept in my opinion since the industry wants the original.

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