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Originally Posted by vox incognita
Delivery end pressure of om615,616,617 lift pumps FP/K 22 M 13..14...101; FP/K 22MW 3...7
-with the fuel return line pinched:
-at idle speed, 1.1bar minimum
-at 3000 rpm, 1.3 bar minimum
Vacuum,measured before lift pump,idle speed-0.1bar min.

om621 FP/K22 M7(with spring 2 444 617 010)
Delivery measured between the IP and fuel main filter-0.8...1.5bar and 2.2 @ 3000 rpm.
Discharge end pressure of lift pump -min 2.5bar at 3000rpm.
Vacuum prior to lift pump inlet,idle speed-0.3-0.4bar min.
Pes4M, 5mm. plunger diameter,by-pass valve same as on w115,w123`s,1mm throttle hole in fuel return union bolt.

In another thread Mr.Whunter posted some info about lift pump rep.kits:

OM617.912 Lift pump Repair kit
0000910619=Bosch 2 444 616 010
This spring is also used in w115 and early w123 `s.Also in FP/K22MW3(w115 om617.910)

OM617.951 and OM617.952 Lift pump Repair kit
0009934801=Bosch 2 444 617 010(WSF2156S8x)
This one is used in FP/K 22M7 in w110 621`s and some very early w115`s.

FP/K22 MW7(0 440 017 006) used "kolbenfeder fur 1 bar"
This was used from 07.76 to 08.97 on w123 300D and w123 240D`s

Here is a list of MB lift pumps with info as to what spring was used:

0 440 017 023=FP/K22MW21 used 1bar spring

300D turbo;
FP/K22MW22=0 440 017 022 used 2.5 bar spring

In short,there is a great chance all om616 LP`s used the weaker spring.

FP/K22M5----M13 (w110,w115)


Info concerning w115:
..the lift pumps FP/K 22M 13=0 440 007 014 is said to be equipped with weaker springs(2 444 616 010)-"kolbenfeder schwaecher", as opposed to the "standard" 2 444 617 010 one( .pdf`s above).

Anyway,I assume 2 444 616 010 spring is the weak one and 2 444 617 010 is the stronger one...but there might have been more than these two installed,who knows...

To see what Bosch equipment your car came with,to compare numbers etc. see:
...can be really tiresome,the quality of .pdf`s is far from good...
I think I found the reason for the difference in force.

one is clearly fp/k22MW21 from the 617.912

while the other is " " MW22 from the 617.952. Which correctly identifies my sources. No need to test then, since I have a .952

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