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Noticed any difference in ride???

Oh yea.

Prior to changing the sub frame mounts on the 108 I could feel the front suspention shift with changing direction ie: moving forward after backing. Also had a lot of road noise transmitted through the cabin. When going over speedbumps or pot holes alos had a very pronounced clunk through the front end. While driving the car "wandered", felt a lot like worn king pins on an old straight axle truck.

After changing the mounts, road noise is minimal, no clunks or knocks, steering is solid without wander at highway (and higher) speeds.

The "how to" for the 108 is documented in the DIY section above. R107's are similar but have two mounts per side and a different means of attachment. While similar yet different, the 108 "how to" should give you a general idea of what is in store.
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