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starter problem or what???

A strange thing happened last Friday as I tried to start my car (w123 200G). The engine did not turn as it looked as if it was stuck. The batteries are OK and the connections also seemed OK. For several attempts on cranking the engine, all it does is give a short crank and then nothing. I noticed that the OIL and P.BRAKE indicator dims when the ignition key is at ignition position. I was ready to call a mechanic but I tried one last thing. I tried to crank it again but this time with the 1st gear engaged and my foot off the clutch pedal. Of course the car jerked forward a bit and stopped. When I tried to crank it again in the Neutral position it now started normally. Up to today, it starts normally even when I didn't use it over the weekend. Where do you think is the problem, is it in the starter or some place else?
What could cause the engine to get stuck or was it just the starter that got stuck?
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