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'92 400E Idle problem

My car has 97,000 miles on it.I replaced rotor, cap, spark plugs, and oil change about 5 weeks ago. I have been experiencing a occasional idle problem in which, the car just vibrates. I cannot pinpoint the vibration. It is getting worse though and the car starts shaking at signal lights or while in park. This problem occured about 2wees ago and I just changed out the trans filter and fluid tonight. I checked the level. It is not overfull or underfilled while, the car is idling. The check engine light went on once but, soon disappeared after restarting the car. I checked the red led but, no flashes from the diagnositc. Check engine light only appeared for a minute then, disappeared. I am wondering if this could be a oxygen sensor problem but, it happens now when I drive the car for a minute. Before, it was only after driving for awhile. Anyone else with this problem before?
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