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Right is right, and wrong is wrong.......

Arthur has his notes in order, contrary to what I've read on several archive posts, the red sensor on the receiver/dryer is a second pressure switch. The first p/s (S31/1) is for the compressor (on at 2.0, off at 2.6) and the red one (S32) is for Speed 1 on the aux fans.

Thanks go to Arthur for his patience in explaining my error and taking the time to verify his facts with the manual. Now I have to find somewhere to verify the charge on the system and then probably evacuate it to replace the switch. I have cold a/c and I can get about 22F cooling at idle, so I think I've probably got a good charge, and the symptoms are consistent with the switch not functioning. Basically, the car ran well, just warm in traffic and the fast speed fans were all I had to control temp. Hopefully I can get the low speed fans back and let the car run a little cooler in traffic.

Thanks again, Arthur!!

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