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SEC bumper on a SEL installation instructions:

You will need…..
1)W126 SEC front bumper cover
2)Fog lamp bracket 126 826 07 14 (x2)
3)Fog lamp bracket 126 885 34 14 (x2)
4)SEC fog lamps
5)Basic hand tools (wrenches, ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, etc) and an electric drill.
6)Many trips to the hardware store
7)Some ¼” air hose (optional)
8)Someone to help (optional) but highly recommended.

First, this is not necessarily a straight forward “drill some holes and tighten some bolts” job. I make it sound like it is but it just isn’t the case. It will require a lot of studying the way the cover fits on the support and some modification in the final mounting procedure (my work did in any case).
But you can do it! It’s just time consuming and frustrating at times.

The bumper cover is rather flimsy & flexible and the bumper support is the exact opposite. The cover changes shape as it is being bolted to the support, but you can’t drill wholes or mount the lamps while the cover is mounted to the support. This is where I recommend that you have a helper to hold the cover & support together so the you can hold the lamps in place to see where you need to drill mounting holes.

Here is a pic of the fog lamp brackets. The large one on the left is #126 826 07 14, the “V” shaped one on the right is #126 885 34 14. You will need 2 of each.

Here’s a pic of the brackets put together.

A pic of the brackets mounted to the lamp.

This is a pic of the drivers side bumper support. On the bottom of the support there are 2 slightly elevated areas circled in red. The lamp brackets lined up perfectly with these bumps and with the bumper assembly roughly put together, the lamps appeared to fit rather well in the bumper cover. So it just made sense to that that’s where I needed to drill to mount the brackets. I drilled through dead center.

Here is a picture of the passenger side bumper support with the brackets mounted to it. I used carriage bolts to bolt the brackets down because they need to be as flush as possible to the support because the cover needs to slide over the support.

With the lamp brackets mounted to the support, it’s time to put the bumper assembly together. Once that is done it’s time to mount the lamps to the brackets…..this is where the modification comes in.

Here is a pic of my modified lamp mounting.

Once I had the bumper assembly put together I figured that the lamps would bolt right up to mounts and that would be that……wrong! Either I did something wrong somewhere or the SEL support is significantly different than the SEC’s. The lamps were centered in the opening in the bumper cover, so I was correct in drilling (at least partially) were I did, but they were recessed to far, particularly the bottom of the lamp. I studied how I mounted the brackets…if I had mounted the brackets slightly forward it would have improved it somewhat, but it wouldn’t come close to fixing the highly recessed bottom portion of the lamp. Soooo…… I made some spacers out of some ¼” air hose (red pieces between the lamp & bracket) to bring the lamps forward so they would fit properly. It looks kind of shoddy but I assure you they are on there tight. Once the top of the lamp is flush with the bumper support, make a spacer to tilt the bottom of the lamp forward to be flush with the bumper cover. And your done.

And here is the result.

I haven’t been able to find anyone else who has done this so I assume I’m the first. If anyone else tries this and sees a better way to do it, please let us know.
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