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Should a new CV axle be making clunking sounds?

Edit: Sorry, this is for a 1983 240D

I'm assuming no...

Here's my story: Right rear CV axle broke about two years ago. I bought a new pair from CVJ and was going to R&R it myself, but wariness of working under jackstands in my sloped driveway, and not really needing a car for the near future, I put it off (yes, for two years!). Now that I've finished school I need a car again, so I tuned things up and got it running, then found someone at a shop to install my unused pair of axles from CVJ that had been sitting boxed up in the garage. That was this morning.

Everything was great driving around today, until I took the car for a stress test in the hills tonight. I started to hear that familiar clunking sound, which being minor at first led me to believe it was one of the muffler donuts that was torn or off. As I started to head home though the clunking got worse, and I couldn't deny that the noise was coming from the rear right side of the car. Sure enough, when I checked under the car the muffler was firmly in place, however from my visual inspection the axle looked fine (no torn boots and no leaks).

Before I call the mechanic who installed my axles, what should I check? Is it possible that the bolt that connects the axle to the hub is loose? I'm hoping it's something simple like that, especially since the sound seems to be coming from the outer part of the axle. What worries me is that when my right rear axle broke two years ago, it literally broke...the shaft snapped. Is it possible that that may have caused some kind of collateral damage, like say to the differential? The mechanic didn't mention any problems...actually he did the job pretty quickly and cheaply...about 2 hours for $200, since it was only labor, and it's a reputable shop that specializes in German/Swedish cars. One thing that is slightly bothersome is that he didn't change the differential seals, saying it wasn't really necessary and he's never seen an instance where they've leaked. Any ideas?

Everything just went too well, from getting the engine running smoothly after not having been cranked for two years, to getting a replacement battery under warranty, to having someone swap in my new axles for quick and cheap. I guess my karma wasn't as good as it seemed

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