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My injectors didn't have heat shields

This is for my '74 240D. I got some rebuilt injectors from bgkast and installed them yesterday. A new set of heat shields came with the injectors. Well, I got the old injectors out, and this is what the bottom of the hole looked like:

It doesn't look anything like a heat shield down there, so I dropped a new heat shield in the hole and it looked like this:

I put the new injectors in and torqued them to 50 lb-ft and I've got no leaks so far, it has only been a day though.

Here's what the ends of the old and new injectors look like.

I was hoping to cure the huge plume of smoke that I'd get on a cold startup, and the loud rattling/nailing sound when the engine was idling. Well, I think it lessened the smoke, although I need to start it on a chilly morning to be sure, and I don't know when we'll have another one of those any time soon. But the loud rattling is still there. I may be a little better, but sometimes it still sounds like I have rocks in the engine. Maybe that's just the way the w115's sounded? I'll try a diesel purge some time and start using straight biodiesel now that its warm.
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