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You might look at the Rear Wheel Bearing Section of the DIY and at the very end where they have checking the Bearing End Play/Thrust with the Dial Indicator. (Harbor Freight sells inexpensive magnetic bases and Dial Indicators but you have to calculate to convert mm to inchs.)
Also there is most often a Spacer/Shim that slides on the Axle shafts where they go into the Differential to take up the clearance. But, I have not read on this forum what happens it there is too much clearance.
When I changed my Axles I wanted to change the Seals on the Differential but ordered 2 Pinion Shaft Seals by Mistake.
I had to leave the old ones inplace. No leaks after over 1.5 years.
84 300D, 82 Volvo 244Gl Diesel
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