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I'm finishing rebuilding a 1983 240D 616.912 engine.
I'm wondering if the Valve Clearance/Timing Procedure should differ when the pistons are 1 TDC and the Head is Brand New, all Valves up, & at Cam TDC.
All the Valve timimg/Clearance procedures refer to an engine where the Engine was previously run and the valves reasonably set so they dont hit the pistons.
When a brand new Cylinder Head comes from Machine shop, it arrives all Valves UP. Is it possible, when trying to get the first possible cam lobe perpendicular to the first possible rocker arm, that other valves might strike the pistons beacuse of Cam geometry?
Also I had to rock the crank forward 10 degres and reverse 10 degrees from TDC before I got the cam to turn so the rocker arms could fit on top of the valve springs. I did it gently, but I'm still worried I bent valves.
Finally, to be extra careful, I took off the back set of Rocker arms and just timed the front set first, then when the clearances were okay, I installed the back set and set the clearances to avoid valve bending as much a s possible.
Could someone let me know if there was any possibility I messed up my valves doing all this?
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