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There is a special socket and slide hammer for removal of your injector receptacles. The socket fits over the tangs of the locking ring (The big round thingie with the upright "ears") and the locking ring is removed. The glow plugs need to be removed FIRST! Then the special slide hammer threads into the receptacle and you remove the entire piece along with a few pieces of your elbow on the hood and that soft tender bit of flesh between your thumb and fore finger.

You can then examine the "mixing ball" on the end of the receptacle and soak the old seals loose in some carb cleaner, mineral spirits, what have you.

Clean the head holes with a wire bottle brush and a shop vac to get all the loosened soot.

You then replace the seal under the injector chamber, replace the receptacle (using just a slight dab of NeverSeeze on the threads), re-install and torque the locking ring, re-insert the glow plugs (you might have to undo one or two of the lock rings and twist the socket to receive the glow plugs) and then re-install the injectors.

Don't be surprised if you are missing a ball from the "mixer". Pretty common occurrence and you need to replace the socket. THIS can cause the "death rattle" at start-up and idle.
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