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Weird power drop-off

I am posting this for my co-worker, who has an '82 240D with a 4-speed manual, 340K miles or so.

The car has always been slow, but recently on a trip he was driving at about 60 mph and all of a sudden felt a power drop-off, where the car started to struggle to maintain 45-50 mph. After driving this way for some time, he turned on the cruise control and the car proceeded to accelerate strongly to 70 mph or so. Turning off the cruise made the car weak again.

Today, when driving to work, the car performed normally and he maintained a speed of 65 mph easily without the cruise.

Any ideas on what's going on? I'm thinking that his linkage from the accelerator pedal is getting flaky for some reason. If that seems logical, where would we look first for trouble spots?

Thanks in advance,

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