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Ok here goes....

I read the entire thing but yeah the best parts are the first few pages. I have never and will never want to live the life of these 30 millionaires. Its stupid wasteful and hurtful to too many girls who get used and abused. With that being said I have observed the life of both the 30k millionair Homo sapiens douchebagus AND more importantly the very similar 300k multimillionaire Homo sapiens jackass.

EVERYTHING went into the pursuit of simply trying to impress with things that you didn't actually own or bragging about potential "future" purposes. Exaggeration was also a key aspect of life, the car actually costs $220k, not $180K even though it was bought used at $150K........Getting drunk off beer is above the 300k multimillionaire, only the most expensive hard liquor on the menu will suffice.

I remember too many nights sitting in the car and watching the drunks stumble to and from the parties and bars on the street. Too many girls looking sick or being seduced by guys who only "Want her for the night" Posers cruising the scene with the music as loud as possible and yes, lots of 3-Series.

I had all I needed to be content in and otherwise hostile environment Airconditioning and a nice stack of CD's.
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