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Originally Posted by pizzachef View Post
I follow you. Although sounds like more than I really need to do. How about I remove the injectors, remove the crush washer heat shields, check the integrity of the mixing ball with a boroscope or something, and replace the injectors using the old (reusable) seals that are down there?

Oh, and what would be the harm of leaving the old seals in with the new crush washer seals on top? The only thing I can think of is the crush washers are shaped to fit the bottom of the injector hole, and that's probably without the old seals in place. Anything else?

WHAT??? You're passing on the chance to get absolutely filthy, nasty greasy?? What kind of old Benz owner are you?

I doubt you could see the ball with a scope due to the amount of soot and gook which will be present in the chamber. I'd just remove the crush washers and slip the injectors over the old seals. You don't want to use the crush washers over the old seals because they are designed to fit into the relatively flat area in the socket. The old seals have a "pocket" which is shaped to fit the injector tips. If you don't have any fuel leaks using the old seals then you're good to go.

Rattle? WHAT rattle? That's just your baby clearing its throat waiting to turn loose those ferocious 72 horses!
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