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First step in selecting a good paint shop is to take a look at some of the cars they have done to see if it up to your standards. I found a great guy up here for my 560sel. We stripped it down except for the front and rear glass - we let him do it. He replaced any rusted areas with new metal ( the area around the rear window had rust as well as some lower areas). He did a fabulous paint job and hand polished it to a mirror shine. He had the car for 4 months. He repainted the lower plastic trim and bumpers separately and we re-installed. I was very happy with the results. The cost $4700CDN or about $3000 US. We even removed the weather strip around the doors as well as all interior trim around doors and openings. You would be hard pressed to know that this car was repainted. - You get out what you put in. Hope this helps you in your decision.
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