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190e Fuel injection ?

I have a couple questions about the fuel injection on my 85 190e 2.3 8V. I know it is a Bosch KE-Jetronic. I can identify most of the components and I know how it should theoretically work. Here is the question: The auxilary air device has a black plastic know on it that I assume adjusts the amount of air flow to the idle control valve. When I adjust this, the idle changes and so does the stability of the idle. It speeds up and evens out. Problem is that when it is smooth, the idle is too high (1200).

There is also an ajustment near the fuel distributor (correct name?) It is a hex key in a tall tube. I am assuming this adjusts the clearance on the air flow plate. Is that correct? No amount of adjustment on this seems to affect the idle/running.

I know that I cannot adjust these to the correct setting without a specialized machine. That is fine. My goal is just to get the car running well enough (not stalling when put in gear) by ear to get it to the Benz shop!

One last curiosity question? Is there a carburator conversion available for the 190e?

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