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Originally Posted by winmutt View Post
You should ALWAYS use new shields. They are a buck each for christ sakes. They are crush washers, one time use.

The easiest way to get those puppies out is to turn over the engine. Just dont be in the way they shoot out. I haven't been hit by one but they come out fast enough to make me stay worried.

PS I have the prechamber ring tool and the slide hammer adapter for rent (dep + mail + 6pack of beer).
It appears the kind that are in my engine are an old style and are reusable. I unknowingly put the crush washers on top of them, so I'm going to remove the crush washers and give that a try...that's how its been for the last who-knows-how-long. And I did crank the engine...quite a try blowing the old seals out. They didn't move, I just heard air rushing out.

But if I need to remove the prechambers, I'll hit you up for those tools. I'll send you some local PA beer
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