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I have seen a cute little blue one around my neighborhood here in Dallas. Couldn't imagine what it was when I saw the Star on the hood. I'm glad this post came around as I thought I was suffering from hallucinations.
It's a GREAT idea, but not really in Dallas. We have too many Surburbans/Excursions (WAY too many, IMHO). My old SD feels small compared to some of those giants. Many of the drivers (blondes on cell phones 80% of the time) haven't learned that they are different from the sports coupes they were driving before they got an 8 passenger vehicle to haul 1.5 kids and .75 dog.
Sorry to dwell on the subject. Working in the Park Cities area of Dallas and living nearby, I see too many SUV drivers not having ANY respect to the vehicle's size on streets that were designed in the 1930s. Well, I suppose it is Texas afterall!
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