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I've gone through a set of pads in 6k, they were textars on the original rotors. I replaced them with ATE rotors and pads. We wills ee how they last in comparison.

Most of you probably do not realize the amount of stopping and starting that we Southern californians go through every day. Try driving your car in stop start traffic at just about anytime between 7 am and 7 pm. Brakes will wear quickly. How about a 20 minute drive taking an hour or more to get there? Most So cal drivers drive like crap anyway, and cause you to have to hit the brakes often, to avoid being hit, and all. I am one who watches the road around me at all times, and I can predict almost all of the time when someone is going to pull a stupid or dangerous maneuver. Remember there are more than 20 million of us down here, and most of those 20 million are on the roads at all times, driving from here to there and so on.

I don't try to use my brakes much if I can, and I rarely use them down hills or on the freeway if I can let the car coast and slow down on its own. and I use lower gears when needed.

I have replaced my front rotors and pads, and will keep an eye on the mileage I get out of the pads.

At the low cost of pads for these cars, and the relative ease in installing htem, Its not a big deal to me if they wear out.

Remember mercedes uses the front brakes more than the rears to stop the car.

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