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Thank you so much, that was it. I popped the cover off and found the component with the 4 fuses in it. I'm assuming it was the ABS computer and each fuse is for each wheel. Anyway, pulled the first 3 and they were fine. My hopes were dwindling...then popped out the 4th and final fuse. Whadya know, blown! Replaced it and took the car for a drive. Whala! Speedo now works with the ASR and ABS lights off also. Thanks a ton and great tip!

2 other issues though, if anyone has the time to answer.

How to replace the lights for the gear selector area. At night there are no lights lighting up the R N D 2 1 in the shift area. All the switches have lights, but none in the shift area. Do you have to pull the whole ceter console out to get at it?

Second thing, the rear air/heat vent that comes off the back of the arm rest...does it only blow cool air or is it supposed ot blow warm air based on the temp setting of the climate control system? Right now it only blows cool air and the kids in the back seat get cold when we drive at night.
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