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Unhappy Really down about my 1995 S320.........

I will try to make this short. I bought a 1995 S320 in February
of this year. One owner car with 69,000 miles on it. I have
been having some problems just about have driven me crazy.

1) A squeaking sound from passenger rear suspension came
out of now where about a month ago. Getting worse
by the day. When it rains, the squeak goes away.

2) The car takes bumps really bad. It almost hurts your back.
I feel so bad because I know this car should drive a lot
smoother than what it is.

I have had some friends in the car. Between the squeaking
and the rough ride, I find myself making excuses about
the quality of the car.

Are S320's suppose to ride very firm (border line rough)?

I do not even know where to start. Shocks? Struts?
Lower and upper control arm/s? Ball joints? The
sphere thing I have heard about on this board?

Please, I am about the give it in. A flag ship car should
not drive like this.

The steering wheel will shimmy every once in a while too.

What parts should I start out with so that this car will
float down the road.

Many- many thanks for any help in this matter.
I really need it.

Tully Lee
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