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Hi, I have a couple of question regarding the replacement of coolant hoses. Yesterday I found one of my upper coolant hose is leaking on my 93 300E ( M104 engine ) The coolant level drop drastically, but no signs of over heating.I have already ordered the upper hose, but since the upper hose when bad, I suppose the condition of other coolant hoses are probably as bad, or close enough to their time limit ? Is it a good idea to replace rest of the coolant hose ?
Do I need to put some kind material on each end of the new hose when installing the new hoses ?
Is it a good time to flush the whole entire cooling system ?
What is the proper way to flush the coolant system ?
How many hoses are there on the M104 system ?
Thank you very much for your help. Any tips or concerns will be greatly appericated.
Peter regards