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A/C installation advice on a R107

This is a repost from over in the SL forum. Sorry if anyone gets snagged by the duplicate.

After a year of telling myself I could do without it, I've decided to repair the air conditioning on my 77 450SL. The problem has been professionally diagnosed as an internal leak in the compressor - apparently the PO replaced it with a rebuilt one that simply hasn't held up.

Anyway, after my shop quoted me $1100, I decided that there's no good reason not to do the job myself. The manual states that you need to remove the radiator, etc to get at the compressor. I have access to a lift, and being lazy, I'd rather avoid pulling the radiator if I can.

Has anyone done this job from underneath, and is it easy enough to be worth doing that way? Any pitfalls to watch for?

Thanks in advance.

82 300 SD
77 450 SL (gone)
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