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Turbo is whistling, down on boost.......

1985 300TD {only one T please!}
At first I thought I had a wheel bearing squealing, but I finally realized it is the turbo whistling during boost. I am also down on boost pressure, from 10.5 to about 5.5 to 6. Car is noticeably slower of course.
I have:
*Removed and inspected boost line from manifold all the way to alda. No leak in line or at connection points. {overboost bypassed}
* Replaced waste gate hose. Had a few cracks in it, but that wasn't the issue apparently.
*Removed air cleaner and with inspection mirror looked for anything visually amiss with the turbo or associated piping.
*Air cleaner U-tube sealing correctly.
*No play in forward impeller inside the turbo.
*I have never messed with waste gate or anything having to do with this.
I don't drive this wagon all the time. I just began to notice this noise, and finally realized what it was. Haven't done anything under the hood prior to this happening.

I would welcome any ideas on a course of action from here.......
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