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I am in the middle of doing this myself now. (See the threads floating around here by me and see what I mean).

You need a bunch a stuff:

1. Pads
2. Rotors
3. Grease seals for the front
4. I would also get new bearings and races - you may be able to use the old ones, but if you can't it will cause problems.
5. Anti-squeal stuff (I forgot this and now I am paying for it ).
6. Grease to pack the bearings.

It really is not that hard of a job - just a bit time consuming. If you are up to it and you ask around, there are a few people in CT that might help you go through it the first time.

If not and you still want to try it, no worries. I just started a thread here and kept posting my quesitons in that thread as the issues would come up. The people here were unbelievably helpful and never once called me names for what in retrospect was an obvious mistake.

Good Luck.
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