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Arrow Benzmac, M.B. Doc or Stevebfl, can you help?

1993 400E

Could you please take a look at the following. I'm reposting hoping that someone can give me some feedback!

Our '93 400E has begun having some very intermittent starting/stalling problems. A couple of weeks ago I drove home (about 10 miles) and things were running fine. Within an hour of arriving home I went out to move the car and it would turnover and catch for just a second and then die. This happened numerous times. After a couple of hours had passed I went out and it started like normal and continued run fine until about a week later when it stalled on my husband as he was going through the parking garage at work. It started right back up, though. Over the weekend, I went out to move it for a wash job (it finely quit raining). It started for a few seconds and then died...but started fine on the second try.

It had it's 60,000 service about 10 months ago which included the rotor.

I have read through a lot of the posts and need some help/clarification.

1. Does this car have a fuel pump relay? If so, where exactly would it be located on this car? I ask because the local MB shop says "no", that it is somehow built into the Mass Air Controller and yet the our service CD indicates that it does have a relay (k27). There is a relay under the back seat (passenger side) with a part # 001 542 96 19. What is this relay for?

2. My understanding is that this car does not have a OVP. And that the Base Module replaces the OVP on this model. Is this true? And does the base module seem to have the same problems as the OVP?

3. Would running diagnostics give us codes for faulty relays and modules? Independent shop says, "no".

By the way, the wiring harness was replaced just over two years ago.

Any suggestions/ideas or specific answers to my questions would be greatly appreciated. This is such a fun car to drive but don't have a lot of confidence in it these days.

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